May 30, 2015

June 27, 2015

Events are going away

The reasons behind events falling off the calendar vary widely. But the bottom line is many events from the past couple years are no longer being staged.

Do you do indoor tris?

We have a full slate of indoor events again in 2015. Try  one. You’ll like it.

The race and club connections information we post here is always subject to change and revision. If you are aware of anything that should be updated or changed, let us know so that can be handled.

Triathlon   Pronunciation: \trī-’ath-lən, -,län, ÷-’a-thə-\ Function: noun  Etymology: tri- + -athlon (as in decathlon) Date: 1973   an athletic contest that is a long-distance race consisting of three phases  (as swimming, bicycling, and running)  Source:  Merriam Webster Online

Big weekends
With race dates changing again for many events - several weekends include 5 or more events throughout the state.


I’ve been involved with triathlon and multisport racing going back to 1991. I’ve marveled over the years at the people I have come into contact with through the sport as an athlete, Race Director, and event volunteer.  

Michigan is truly a triathlon hotbed.  We are fortunate to have so many events at so many great venues.  My thought behind this site is simply to get as much accurate and useful information online about the events as possible.  When I started,  most of the race information had to be sought out through personal networking. There was no easily accessible single source for race information.  Even today, you will find events listed here that you won’t find listed on the national calendar sites.

Additionally, I wanted to get as complete a listing as possible compiled of the state’s clubs and teams to make it easier for you to make contact with multisport folks close to you.

Finally, please consider volunteering to assist at least one race this year. Good, reliable, and knowledgeable volunteers are valuable, and scarce. Without volunteers, we would have no events. Please increase the 2015 volunteer talent pool.

Train hard...race well

Jim Mishler